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Our mission is to develop, supervise and professionalize gaming and Esports activities in support of contemporary social, corporate and sports ethics and values.


Onward is a Swiss organization formed by 6 people who's passions are united by gaming and competition. By combining their respective experiences and backgrounds, they will be able to promote, supervise and professionalize all activities related to the gaming and Esports industries. Our team can offer you a wide range of services, including but not limited to: consulting, representation, legal advice, communication, events, tournaments and boot camps. We strive to provide our customers with a tailored solution to address their needs.


The first Gaming Center in French-speaking Switzerland to be established in Geneva in 2019, GameGard, is a place open to all. Equipped with state-of-the-art video games and Esport equipment, this place allows everyone to come and have fun, train or participate in competitions, both alone and in a team.


Composed of former athletes and competitors, both in traditional sports and on the Esports scene, our staff has a wide range of expertise in many fields, such as consulting, legal, marketing or academic and sports training. Our wide skillsets and experiences allow us to provide services to customers of all sizes at both an amateur and professional level.


The Esports and gaming industries have developed not out of necessity, but out of passion. All its actors, ranging from sports organisations, tournament organisers, game developers, amateur to professional gamers, are committed to keeping their audience captivated, enthusiastic and engaged. This universe is thus composed of a fundamentally social community, which offers a platform for gamers to meet and exchange. We look to respond to the needs of the community through the organization of tournaments and other social gaming events.

Promotion of Swiss Games

After more than four years of existence, the Swiss Made Games League joins Onward! Convinced of the creative and technical potential of our local talents, we are committed to promoting and supporting Swiss game developers so that their projects can see the light of day and achieve the success they deserve!

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